Playing around in Visual Studio.

Right so here is what I’m trying to make. It’s very basic at the moment and I’m just playing around with it at the moment so I’ll no doubt move away from the way I’ve made this. Just using this is a mock up.

Basically what I’m wanting to make is a news hub for Forex. The tabs would be for the websites I want to view for the forex market etc and then a video on the right of Bloomberg live and then below that a tab with set currencies on. and also twitter feeds of forex related twitter accounts. So basically I’m wanting to make an all in one news hub.

My software skills are well very basic so this is all new to me so a lot of learning. Need to find a way so I don’t need to use the IE controller. I was thinking of making a website version of this. But I want it as a program so that I don’t have a browser open while I trade (i get to easily distracted) but I may make a website version so others could use it too if they wanted to.

Right so if you have any comments please leave them below. Thank you

Here is a quick picture of it all:

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